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Why abandon current conventional systems in favor of OSR?  Here’s a Great Answer in a Polygon Article.

Also, DO read this: “A Primer For Old School Gaming.”

It’s only 12 ½ pages long.

OSR (AD&D) probably represents the only rule set I’m willing to referee.  (You might say something about old dogs and new tricks here)

Anyway, I hope you can follow this advice from the Primer for Old School Gaming: Read the rules as if they’re for a completely new game written last week by a respected game-publishing company.

I maintain that it is a well-thought system based on 1) Creativity & Fun  2) Gravity of Consequences and Rewards 3) Agility of Play.

Here are the resources you’ll need or (in the case of hex paper) maybe want for gaming night:

Note that this character record sheet will auto-fill most info for you, or you can leave it blank and write them in yourself.


For people who stumbled upon this page, here’s how I made my projection table

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