A Chat With Dave Truesdale

Posted by Anthony H -

I had a very nice time talking with Dave Truesdale a while back.  He read Black Bottle without having read The Last Page .   The result: I was shocked speechless that he understood what was going on in the book.  Best part is he loved it.  Interview with him is up at SFSite.

Thanks again Dave for letting me grump about society!

Halloween last night was a genuine treat.  Ella went as a zombie and Jada (who wanted to be like her old man) went as a nerd.  I manned the door bravely enough until one particular ring when, upon hearing the bell, I swung wide the portal on a single file queue of 20 Asian kids that ran from my front door all the way to the sidewalk.  They stared at me with emotionless expectation and I, who had already witnessed the candy bowl endure several hard hits, broke out in a cold sweat.  After all, it was nearly 9pm and I had been about to switch off the porch light.  Nevertheless, I calculated correctly that 2 pieces per assailant was feasible.  I loaded their sacks and, after the onslaught was over, doused the porch light immediately and returned to Netflix’ black and white classic: Creature From the Black Lagoon.

With caramel apple in my gut and candy from the night’s outing strewn across the floor, I was disheartened by only one thing. My tackling of the Elder Signs Omens by Fantasy Flight Games, namely the new Ithaqua expansion, had ended in gruesome failure.  I had so wanted to save Ashley from that frozen cave in Alaska before the clock struck midnight on Halloween.  Alas, in the final confrontation, on the very final roll no less — her fate solidified like a red Popsicle in the deepfreeze and I was left empty handed with my new investigator (Wendy Adams I think it is) still locked and inaccessible.  Tragedy had struck.  And fittingly so.

I retired to bed with virtual blood on my hands.

Happy Halloween.

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