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Some would feel compelled to apologize for abandoning their blog for two months.  Ok, ok, it’s been three months.

Nevertheless, I am unable to work up any tears.

What I *am* able to do is sheepishly admit to a few months of fun playing Perfect World International. The dilemma I mentioned before with my friend’s banning was indeed resolved to everyone’s satisfaction and Perfect World employees can be proud that they have contributed to this blog’s recent downfall by seducing me into the smug fun of shooting people’s eyes out with a rank 9 military bow. I shall now, in true-nerd-gasm form, present you with five images of my hot avatar. All hot avatars are run by guys.

But first, what else have I been doing?

Well, Nikki quit her job just before Christmas and having her home was super nice.  We got to hang out a lot and it was so nice that I think I’m going to try to convince her to only stay at her new job until the second car & her surgery are paid off. While she was off, we went to the movies and played quite a bit of Rook with the kids. Rook is my favorite card game, ever since Wizards of the Coast mutilated Magic the Gathering. Take away mana-burn? Pshhh…

Rook was derived from the French tarot deck, which I hadn’t previously known but which now explains why my boss and his wife were so familiar with the game when we played it with them (they being French).

We play Rook according to family tradition, with the Rook Card being the lowest trump.  We also count 1’s as 15 points for a total of 180 points possible. Then we play to 500. Jada-bug is getting pretty crafty at the game, for which I like to take credit. Nothing is more traditional than the war-cry across the card table: “OOOOH!  I’VE GOT A HAND LIKE A FIST!” Ella has also picked up on the rules to the point that she’s stopped playing the “dummy-hand” and has graduated to actual play.

I highly recommend Rook if you’ve never tried it.

On the writing front, I’ve been working out the plot and characters for a possible third novel.  I won’t say anything more about it than to postulate that the main character probably won’t get his own point of view.

*Adendum* I’ve had this blog post sitting in my drafts for a bit.  Today is a day of fever and sore throat-ish-ness. I disapprove of this condition but, since I have to send email to work that I won’t be in, I might as well type this little bit here and hit the Publish button. Happy February! I reckon I’ll be posting a bit more often now.

Oh, and here’s that nerd-pr0n I was promising:

Admit it. She's hot.

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