The Night Wolf Inn

Posted by Anthony H -

nwi-coverNow Available from Lulu! The Night Wolf Inn is a sandbox experience for 1st Edition RPG Gaming. Also available as a PDF.

It is an Inn, a tavern, and a universe unto itself—a place of powerful dweomers, secret doors, lost gods, hidden dimensions and dangerous artifacts. Behind the sand box experience is a back story & a mystery. Players never need solve this mystery, but it is the glue that holds the experience together.

The Night Wolf Inn fits snugly into any campaign, occupying only the space of its buildings and lawns. It is also intended to be fully customizable.

FREE Preview PDF of the Night Wolf Inn

FREE download of the hi-rez player maps for use on your table top (90MB .zip file featuring 11 maps suitable for projection or printing)


  • Fully detailed maps and locations of the Inn including: four floors, property, and extra dimensional spaces.
  • Partially detailed launch points into over twenty pocket dimensions and parallel worlds.
  • Many new magic items, treasures, artifacts, monsters, demons, gods, NPCs, races, languages, and myths.
  • Beautiful art.
  • Player and DM versions of relevant maps.
  • Player handouts.
  • Quick reference cheat sheets.


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