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Posted by Anthony H -

I’m not writing at the moment.

I have no real pressing ideas for books so I’m just idling my time with my RPG group (an activity that I recently returned to after a 20 year hiatus).

It has been extraordinarily enjoyable.

Although I’ve returned to OSR (specifically AD&D 1st Edition) as my rule set, technology has evolved to the point that these sometimes opaque rules (how *DO* you recharge a magic wand in first edition?) can be quickly discussed with other gamers and even original players (Like Ernie Gygax (a.k.a Tenser) who’s partnered with Benoist Poiré to bring us the original Hobby Shop Dungeon that was played in the Dungeon Hobby Shop in Lake Geneva Wisconsin whilst the legendary creators were hard at work.)

This endeavor is so spiritually pure (regardless of the fact that Ernie and Ben need to eat) that you can’t help but get excited by the prospects of seeing this seminal RPG experience refined and brought to light.

That’s all the time I have this morning.  

Peace and happy gaming.


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