OSR Progress

Posted by Anthony H -

Well, I laid hold of some old school rule books and supplies thanks to Wayne’s Books. We’ve had 4 game nights now using 1st edition rules and despite a few murmurings, I think it’s gone really well. Folks seem to be having fun and I’m certainly more comfortable. Next game night falls on July 27th (happy birthday to the creator!) so we’ll have some great food to go with the festivities.

I’m still leisurely painting miniatures (like an old man) on my weekends. So relaxing. My photos are not great but here is Grenadier’s “Horrors of the Marsh” circa 1983 Vegetation Beast (AKA cool-take-on-a-shambling-mound).  A vintage figure from a long out of print line.  This is another rescue from a jumbled box of miniatures I collected back when I was 13 + that my mom kept for decades before giving them back to me. Thanks mom!

2015-04-19 22.20.32

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