Bone Radio

Posted by Anthony H -

Spring 2015 feels like the time for Bone Radio to come out into the open.

I opted to self publish this novel for many reasons but mostly because I believe in writing what you want and sticking by it. I offer it to you solely through Amazon as a Kindle edition for $6.99 and hope that you can find some joy in this story about a broken family in a broken world.

Scott GlennIt is completely different from my previous novels, being much faster paced both in terms of action and language.  I wanted to write something that snapped along right to the end. It is also a light science fiction novel as opposed to fantasy, one which I don’t think is longer than a book like, say Lord of the Flies. I wanted the story to be readable in a single day if the reader pressed on and I wanted it to remain agile and light.

And so, without further puff, I bid you welcome to the New Union, and introduce you to one of its prodigal sons, a tattoo artist by the name of Marshall Dei, whom I drew inspiration for from the exquisite, unnatural beauty of Scott Glenn.


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