Kuvar Reaper & Gray Maiden

Posted by Anthony H -

Pegaso Models makes some really beautiful miniatures. One of my favorites is the Kuvar Reaper. Looking at this paint job, you might think it’s hard to do better but Łukasz Grzyb at fantasygames.com is an amazing painter.

Check out this Kuvar Reaper he painted for me:


And here is the side:

kuvar4By contrast, here’s my crappy little piece I did over the Halloween weekend.  It’s Reaper’s Gray Maiden miniature:

grey maidenFrankly, I think I did OK, based on my a) crappy paints whose binders break very easily and therefore don’t flow well and b) my crappy brushes (one brush’s ferrule fell off while I was cleaning it and I was left holding the stick.  Had to fish it out of the water and super glue it back together).

My goal was to try making her look like a proper paladin with a glowing holy sword. This is hard to do with red because red is such a low contrast color.

Although I probably give myself a 5.7 out of 10 possible points (where the Kuvar Reaper above is a 10) this is one of the best paint jobs I’ve managed so far and can honestly say that the photo doesn’t do it justice. It looks much better in person than here on the blog.

I’ll keep going with my junk paints and brushes for a while longer.  Hopefully after the holidays I’ll be able to afford some Windsor series 7 brushes and a nice set of Vallejo Game Color paints. Until then, I’m going to keep learning and keep trying.






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