Process of Post Process

Posted by Anthony H - June 16th, 2011

Fast, dirty blogging this morning.

If you’re me, which you’re not, you get an email from your editor round about April 22 saying that they are “very very happy” with the book and that here are the last few markups: *yay*.  You then proceed to check off those markups and finish the assigned work in about three days.  No problem.  What happens next is that you know deep down that this is your last chance to modify…so you decide to do ONE MORE read-through.

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I Will Tell You One Thing…

Posted by Anthony H - June 13th, 2011

And then I’ll tell you another.  It is not easy to see the seventeen year old get a nose piercing for her birthday to add to her “above the upper lip and to the left” piercing, and the belly button, and the gauged ears and…well, who knows if there’s more.  It strikes me how the instinct is to assume, as my parents did, that this recently evolved human (from the larval stage) does not *perhaps* have its head screwed on straight.

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Short Pimpage

Posted by Anthony H - June 4th, 2011

It was great to see “The Last Page” make the Locus Recommended reading list.  Here’s a review I stumbled on that made me happy.  It’s always nice when the writing has the intended impact on a reader. As I finish up final revisions on “Black Bottle” — which is a very direct sequel — I hope readers like Mike will not be disappointed.