Commentary on Spike Jonez’ Wonderful “Her”

Posted by Anthony H - January 13th, 2014

I am not a blogger.  That’s established by now.  But I did feel the urge to use this repository-for-random-blurbs after seeing “Her”.

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Awesome Transformer House

Posted by Anthony H - April 28th, 2010

This guy’s house is incredible.  I wonder how his income compares to his neighbors’…

Hot Tub Time Machine

Posted by Anthony H - April 2nd, 2010

As much as I love John Cusack, last night’s outing to the Alamo Draft House didn’t quite meet expectations.  It didn’t help that I was stressed, had just finished a very serious conversation and had only a lemonade in front of me.  I think I also prefer John in those more snappy roles where the dialog is machine gun witty-fast; where you know that most people in the theater are missing 65% of the jokes.  [don’t worry, I know you’re not one of them]  Bottom Line: Hot Tub Time Machine is a potty mouth movie of the same variety as Super Bad.  I have nothing against potty words unless they are unrelenting and obscure the dialog…which in my opinion is the case here.  I laughed a bit.  But only a bit.  Thumbs down.

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“Precious” (Spoiler Alert)

Posted by Anthony H - March 29th, 2010

Over the weekend I finally watched this.  Mainly because Jessica (15) wanted to see it and I decided I should watch it with her.

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TRON: Insanely Awesome! (click pic)

Posted by Anthony H - March 9th, 2010

I’m Still Alive

Posted by Anthony H - February 18th, 2010

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but it felt like a lucky day.

At about 10:00 AM, my office chair lifted up and all the windows in the building went “WHOOMP!”  We went outside and just across the parking lot from the studio, about 200 yards away, was where the plane had struck the other office building.  All of us from the studio just stood around kind of stunned, watching the place burn, wondering if anyone had died, feeling lucky to be alive.

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Real Confusion in Fake Worlds

Posted by Anthony H - January 26th, 2010

If you haven’t seen “The Hurt Locker” you should, provided that you can handle the real world’s desperate lack of sense being mirrored in fiction.  The film is heroic, confused and heart wrenching without being super human, incoherent or falling into sobbing pathos.

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